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Singer, actress, author and... fashion designer (graduated from the IED in Rome), Myriam is a magical interpreter, gifted with great charisma. After her debut in a polyphonic choir she discovers the musical, which allows her to combine two of her great passions: theater and singing.
She has improved her skills with Elisabeth Howard, Brunella Platania, Marcello Sindici, Robert Steiner, Stuart Lindsay, Lala McCallan and Marco Manca, refining jazz, folk, pop and rock techniques. Increasingly fascinated by musical, she also dedicated herself to the study of "belting", acting and stage interpretation, participating in Masterclasses with top performers such as Kerry Ellis.
Since 2009, she has achieved one role after another, establishing herself as one of the best Italian musical performers. She starred as Saint Clare in Saint Francis - the musical, Fantine in The Miserables, Ensemble in Canterville, Valentine De Villefort in The Count of Monte Cristo, Margot Frank in Anne Frank - the musical, Tanya in The ABBA’s Hit Musical, Giovanna in Amalfi 839 A.C., Beatrice in The Divine Comedy Opera, Lamia in Rebellion, Lucia in The miracle of Marcellinus, the Narrator in Murder Ballad, Myriam in Balliamo sul mondo (Let’s dance on the world), written and directed by Luciano Ligabue and Chiara Noschese. Now she is working on making her first solo pop album.
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